Annular bubbling isolation

Remedial cementing

Section window milling

Casing Milling

TT plugs and packer installation

Tubing and Casing cut

Tubing and Casing pulling

Conductor Removal

Storm Safe

Well Plug & Abandonment

The main goal of abandoning an oil well is the permanent isolation of all subsurface formations crossed by the well. The isolation prevents the gas, oil or water flow in from a subsurface formation to another or to the surface. Leakages of these isolated formations represent a risk to the environment and should be repaired, but remedial plugging operations are even more challenging and expensive. Once the individual wells have been plugged and abandoned; pipes, installations and other structures in the field must be decommissioned and moved, and the surface must return to its original condition. While these operations can already be difficult on land, they become even more monumental in maritime areas, particularly in deep water, requiring careful coordination among multiple specialized teams. Thus, it is much easier to properly abandon a well if it is well planned from the very beginning.

We offer safe and cost-effective custom solutions for P&A projects, effectively eliminating any well abandonment liabilities.