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Stimulations & Fracturing (HRWP, LG, Hydraulic Fracturing)

Well Integrity

All the oil and gas wells production rates decline in function with time. The production enhancement for sustaining and enhancing oil and gas production rates begins with the identification of production problems that lead to a rapid decline in the production fluid, or a sudden increase in undesirable fluids. Production data, lab tests and production logs examination are required to identify the cause of decline in production. The problems frequently found in oil wells are significant reduction in the productivity rate, excessive water production, excessive gas production, and sand production. While in gas/condensate wells, the problems include low productivity because of liquid loading caused by excessive water production, and the sand production. As well as other production problems associated with the produced fluids such as corrosion, scales depositions, gas hydrates, and asphaltenes that could cause plugging in the formation and production equipment.

Therefore, to optimize production rates and ensure the long-term sustainability of oil and gas operations, the engineers are tasked with addressing these challenges through various well interventions and stimulation techniques and technologies.